This program is designed for those who are interested in becoming a Tango Teacher or those who are currently teaching but would like to achieve a stronger and solid methodology.

Fernanda Cajide is a master instructor and highly respected within the Tango community. Her teacher training program offers a unique opportunity to learn from a master instructor and become part of a vibrant and supportive community of Tango teachers.

Program Outline

Learn to communicate effectively with students, gain knowledge and tools for their growth, and guide them to amazing results. We’ll cover lesson plans to boost your teaching confidence and discuss organizing classes and running a successful Tango School. Join me on this journey of growth, discovery, and connection as we explore and teach the art of Tango.

During the program, we will work on the methodology that I‘ve develooped over 25 years of teaching, performing, dancing, founding Tango Schools and being an International Tango Teacher.


"Fernanda's Teacher's Training course inspired and motivated me. Her structured classes and teaching style helped me build a solid foundation as a tango teacher. I'm thrilled to witness my own students' joy and sense of achievement while dancing. Thank you, maestra! "

May Hwong – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Level 1 Teacher Training Program equips you with skills to teach Tango confidently. Learn how to connect with students, develop a syllabus, and provide feedback. Spot and solve problems, organize classes, and grow your Tango community.

Duration: Weekend Intensive/6 hours a day / 4 classes

Online coaching and evaluation 

Group Size: Up to 10 pax. 

Where: TBA

When: Coming soon!                                       


Level 2 Teacher Training Program takes your students to the next level. Enrich their vocabulary and enhance their creativity. Learn embrace techniques, and advance training in balance, dissociation, and pivots. Gain skills in class management, musicality, and navigation.

Duration: Weekend Intensive /6 hours a day /4 classes

On line coaching and evaluation

Group Size: Up to 10 pax

Where: TBA

When: Coming soon!