I’m thrilled to announce that I recently completed teaching Level 1 of the Teacher Training Program in KL for Tango enthusiasts who want to grow the community in Malaysia. It was an intense but incredibly rewarding journey, and I am proud of my students for their dedication and commitment to learning how to teach Tango to beginners.

Throughout the program, we spent many hours studying and training, and it was a joy to see my students’ growth and progress. They were able to showcase their hard work and dedication by teaching a fantastic class at the prestigious Argentinian restaurant ‘Don Julio’ in KL. It was fulfilling to see them share their knowledge and love of Tango with others and inspire them to become part of the Tango community in Malaysia.

Overall, I am humbled by the experience and grateful to have had the opportunity to share my passion for Tango with my students. I look forward to seeing the Tango community in Malaysia grow and thrive, and I’m excited to continue teaching and sharing my knowledge with others.

You can learn more about the Teachers Training Program, here.